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Fed up working from home?

If you are working from home right now, are you perceiving it as negative or difficult, ask yourself this question. How can I look at this differently? What is the opposite? How you perceive something gives it meaning, and in many cases we will perceive things...

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How to overcome negative thinking!

The idea that ‘you cannot be that which you observe’ and ‘you are not your mind’ are key concepts that I picked up a few years ago when I studied practical philosophy. Let’s just think about that objectively for a minute. You cannot be the observer and the observed at...

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“Everything is created twice”….

“Everything is created twice” …. What is the significance of that statement? Well, everything that is manifesting in your life right now you have created, what a sobering thought!

“Everything is created twice” firstly in the mind and then on the physical plane – your reality. You choose your thoughts moments before you hold them, and you will have negative as well as positive thoughts. Many people strive to be positive thinkers all the time, but this is not the answer, for it is impossible to eliminate negative thoughts and negative thoughts are not necessarily a bad thing as they also serve to protect you sometimes.

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