It’s difficult to draw the distinction between a positive mindset and a sales mindset. A great sales mindset will lead with ‘what you do’ such as understanding why you sell this product or service, what benefits it brings to the customer, what your intent with a sales engagement is and having the perception you are ‘helping’ and not just selling. A customer will very quickly see through an intent which is just transactional, and you will struggle to build trust; therefore, it’s important to have a clear intent with each customer – an intent of helping to solve their problem – and this can sometimes require a change of perspective. A positive mindset or a mindset for selling success will lead with ‘how you do it’ and this encompasses your thoughts, feelings, actions, and the frequency of energy at which you are vibrating; in other words, the higher the vibrational energy, the greater the success. This requires a great deal of self-awareness and self-management to master. It’s easy when everything is going well; the real challenge is to remain positive in times of uncertainty, fear, and in the midst of rejection by a prospective customer. Everyone experiences rejection in sales – it’s part of the process – but remaining positive in the face of that rejection is the real challenge. Successful salespeople have a winning attitude; often you will notice that the people who rise to the top of their profession often have the best attitudes. __________________________________________________________________ KEY TAKEAWAY Successful salespeople have a great attitude; People who rise to the top of their profession often have the best attitudes, develop a winning attitude  

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