If you are working from home right now, are you perceiving it as negative or difficult, ask yourself this question. How can I look at this differently? What is the opposite?

How you perceive something gives it meaning, and in many cases we will perceive things differently to the person standing next to us.

In current times we are deluged with information.  Information relating to the current pandemic, to the economic climate and to our future.    How we perceive it will affect our reality.

We are hit with approximately two million bits of information per second and through filtering information, we delete, distort and generalise information to a very small amount that our system can cope with.  We filter based on our own unique model of the world; our values, our experiences and emotions attached to those experiences.  We also filter through our thought patterns, our meta programmes and as a result two people can often experience the same event and take two very different meanings from it.  

We all react differently depending on our own circumstances, beliefs and values – our perception.  Learning techniques to alter our perception and deal with situations differently can greatly affect our lives, and our futures.

The Prosperity Vibe is a 10-week course based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill in his best seller Think and Grow Rich will cover perception as well as other tools to help deal with this crisis.

  • Get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life
  • Replace old negative habits and thought patterns with positive ones that support you to achieve your goals
  • Eliminate and overcome self-doubt and increase motivation
  • Understand and apply the key principles of success to achieve better results in life and business 

If you are working from home right now, are you perceiving it as negative or difficult, ask yourself the question.  How can I look at this differently?  What is the opposite?  What is good about this situation, and when you identify the positives then decide which side of the coin you want to be on.  Which viewpoint serves you best and will keep you moving forward.

For more information on the course running in September please contact me directly:  evelyn@evelyncormican.com

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