“I love to work with people who know they can achieve better sales results but don’t always know exactly what’s stopping them.”

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Business Training, Mentoring & Coaching

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Career Coaching & Training
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Contracted Training & Programme Management

What Clients Say…

I have undertaken an NLP & Winners Image program with Evelyn. She provided solutions to the issues I came to her with and exceeded my expectations with the results. She has a wealth of knowledge and an expanse of practical experience which makes her very good at what she does.
Susan Hayes

Support & Development Manager, ILTB Stock Market Training

Evelyn delivered a course for a group of 10 people on improving their ability to stand up and talk in public. The results were incredibly self-evident and some of the attendees were astonished at how well they could suddenly perform in public. What a change!
Michael McGinty


It is great to have a trainer with so much energy, belief and enthusiasm. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and the presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. My training style has now changed and the change is for the better.
Liam Higgins

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What has mindset got to do with sales?

Sales are the lifeblood of every business and there is a strong link between sales and mindset; that is to say, having the correct mindset is essential to success in sales. While you can have excellent practical skills when it comes to product knowledge, and you may...

“Everything is created twice”….

“Everything is created twice” …. What is the significance of that statement? Well, everything that is manifesting in your life right now you have created, what a sobering thought!

“Everything is created twice” firstly in the mind and then on the physical plane – your reality. You choose your thoughts moments before you hold them, and you will have negative as well as positive thoughts. Many people strive to be positive thinkers all the time, but this is not the answer, for it is impossible to eliminate negative thoughts and negative thoughts are not necessarily a bad thing as they also serve to protect you sometimes.