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Over the coming months we have some fantastic workshops and training courses, designed to support businesses in dealing with the impact of the pandemic.


CLDC are providing this training for micro and small businesses that are eligible
under the LEADER Rural Development Programme. (RDP). The training is funded
under the LEADER programme with no financial cost to you for participation.

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Over the coming month we have some fantastic online workshops and training
courses, designed to support businesses in dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

The suite of training available include – Rebuilding your business after Covid-19,
Marketing Tools for Tourism Businesses, Financial Skills for Micro and Small
Business owners and Create your own e-commerce store using Shopify.
Click on the links below for full details with schedule of delivery dates and times.

Rebuilding your business training

1. Adapting Your Business for 2021

The focus will be in adapting and navigating your business in a changed world in light of Covid-19 and Brexit by reviewing the challenges and pivoting your offerings to meet new demands. The 10 sessions will be delivered online starting on Feb 1st.

Create your own ecommerce website

2. Shopify - Build Your Own Online Shop

Together in this (approximately) 25-hour course on Building your website, you’ll learn how to set up your very own website using Shopify with a minimum 5 products for sale. The training will be delivered through a combination of instructional videos and live webinars.

Marketing for Tourism

3. Marketing for Tourism

This training is designed to provide a suite of 2 hour sessions across a range of marketing tools to assist with marketing your business. The sessions take place online, with expert trainers and facilitators who are experienced in delivering business training.

Rebuilding your business training

4. Excel for Accounts

Learn the tools of excel and how maximise the output with minimal effort. This will include the processing invoices, credits, lodgements, cash payments, VAT returns and bank reconciliations. Templates will be provided.

Create your own ecommerce website

4.2 Financials for Small Businesses

This online course introduces you to the basic principles of costing, pricing and managing your cash flow. Learn how to carry out a breakeven analysis and how to price products and services taking into account market forces.

Marketing for Tourism

4.3 Writing a Business Plan

This online training will provide a guideline on how to write a business plan to apply for funding whether a bank loan or a grant application for state funding. It is run over 4 consecutive Monday afternoons in the month of November.

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