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About Evelyn Cormican

Evelyn Cormican

I understand that Sales are the lifeblood of every business and yet sales remain the most challenging thing for people.

It can often be stressful and overwhelming when we don’t make our monthly or annual targets.

At best stress is uncomfortable and worst it can become paralysing and lead to constant fear, doubt and confusion

With my background in neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, psychometrics, business and life success coaching, I transform companies and individuals. I help salespeople accelerate success through creating powerful mindsets.  I can show you what they don’t teach on most sales training courses.

I teach you to:

  • Break through barriers and launch past what’s limiting you
  • Create a powerful mindset that overcomes negativity and fear
  • Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently

Your mindset and attitude are critical to your success.

I teach you what most sales training courses don’t – the very thing that gives you the razor’s edge over your competitors: to think bigger, to engage the right clients, and reach your sales goals faster

Are you eager to improve your performance? To overcome what’s holding you back and increase your joy, both in business and in life? Are you willing to take action and commit to bettering yourself?

Learn how to remove unnecessary stress and anxiety from ALL aspects of your daily life.  It’s not just about actions and showing up; it’s about HOW you show up.

And I show you how.

It’s about mindset and energy!

My programmes provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to stay focused, motivated and increase efficiency – to DOUBLE YOUR SALES in half the time.

Download my guide here and discover THE 7 SECRETS TO STRESS FREE SALES SUCCESS and how you can start to apply them immediately.

More about me

I am a Trainer, Speaker and high-performance coach who loves helping people that struggle to reach new levels of success.    Setting up Blueprint Coaching & Training in 2007 in Galway City, people and transformation have been the focus of my career helping teams and individuals maximise their potential, improve their skills and knowledge while breaking through their barriers to achieve greater success.  Using my experience working in Supply Chain Management for over 15 years combined with coaching and training businesses and individuals over the past decade, I take a holistic approach, providing solutions to help them break through barriers to achieve greater success.    My passion for business coupled with years of study in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Success and Psychometric Testing and Profiling with a degree in Business allow me to provide a unique combination of business know-how with understanding human behaviour.    I have been fortunate to have been personally trained by some of the leaders in the field of Human behaviour and Popular Psychology including; Bob Proctor (The Secret), Mark Victor Hanson, Les Brown and Christopher Howard.